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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Taking Precautions

In the latest media circus surrounding the murder of child beauty queen , many people have returned to blaming , her mother, for her murder. These people charge that by tarting up young JonBenet and allowing her to strut about, she attracted the attention of a vicious child molester/murderer. Personally, Theo and I hate (which are different from modeling contests), but we find it repugnant to blame Patsy Ramsey for JonBenet's death.

However, thinking about the situation has led me to worry that this site could fall into the hands of a predator (a person who fucks stuffed animals), and thus put Theo in harm's way. Theo and I have been platonic companions since I was 12, and I would never, ever want anything bad to happen to him. I would be utterly devastated. Thus we had a frank discussion of the benefits and risks of Theo competing to be .

Theo is very dedicated to his craft, and insisted that it would be wrong to stop now before he can perfect his craft. I admire his bravery and love of his newfound work, and thus he will continue to bring his daring photo shoots to his adoring audiences. Still, I am glad that we had our heart-to-heart, and I wish him the best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:52 PM

Blogger super des said...

Did jonbenet post on your blog? WTF?

Anyway, I have a few companions that would be willing to accompany Theo if he were to feel the need. They're good like that.

6:53 PM


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