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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do models get Worker's Comp?

For some reason, it is considered very sexy for to pose with extremely dangerous wild . Perhaps this is due to our cultural obsession with equating "dangerous" and . I am only speculating here.

At any rate, if Theo is to become , or any model of substantial fame and fortune, he must pose with dangerous beasts. As you can see, our practice session did not go very well. We thought it would be ironic, and yet extremely erotic, for Theo to enter the cage of a violent beast and pose looking fearful. Unfortunately, the evil beast did not get the memo, and charged poor Theo while defending his territory and/or seeking raisins, his favorite treat. That look of pure panic on Theo's face is no acting!


Blogger Impossible Jane said...

Raisins are my favorite treat too. Sorry theo.

This blog slightly reminds me of Gritoland's blog...



12:05 PM

Blogger oomm said...

I"d like to see that bunny try that mess with Jade!

4:04 PM


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